Are you feeling pretty healthy and rarely visit the doctor? Or do you have a family history of blood pressure problems or strokes that you would like to keep tabs on?


We offer health checks in our store, for your peace of mind, and to help you know if you need to book in with the doctor.

Your blood pressure can be an early indicator of underlying health issues, but a blood pressure test at Queensway Pharmacy is quick and easy. Just ask next time you are in store.

Your health matters to us. If you would like more blood pressure information, sexual health or general health and lifestyle advice, we are always happy to help. It's just another part of our great pharmacy service.

Any questions about our services? Call us today.

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Blood pressure check

Health checks at your Milton Keynes pharmacy

A simple health check while you shop

Your friendly local pharmacy

Taking care of your health

Confidential sexual health checks and advice

Concerned that you might have an infection, but don't have the time to see your doctor?


We offer basic sexual health checks and tests that can be completed by post, from our pharmacy. Just pop in and ask, we can even provide treatment if you need it.


If you need a chat in private our pharmacists are always friendly and discreet. We are committed to making sure you get the health care you need. So don't be shy in asking us about STI testing, sexual health or contraception.


If you require further information regarding any health issues, then you can click here and it will take you to the NHS Choices page.